Thanks to its intuitive operation, MyMeter allows the monitoring of humidity and the health of walls (CLT, frame and solid wood), roofs and wooden floors, even through a simple smartphone.


Simplicity is not a simple thing.

Charlie Chaplin

With MyMeter, the monitoring of the humidity of the wood in the walls, be they in xlam, solid or frame, in the roofs and in the attics, is simple and immediate.

MyMeter consists of a MyCPU 100 control unit and sensors connected to pairs of electrodes fixed in predetermined points of the structure, by means of adjustable probes of variable length.

In particular, wired sensors (MySense Bus) and battery-powered radio transmission sensors (MySense Radio) are available. Of new conception, the wave transmission sensors conveyed on the 230 Vac electrical network from which they also draw the power supply.

The control unit receives the readings from the sensors every 40 min. and informs the user in case of anomalies. The consultation of the data can take place:

  • locally, if the control unit is used in stand-alone mode. In this case, the data is stored inside the control unit every 48 hours, which keeps track of the last 99 readings. In this mode, the data can be consulted via a direct WiFi connection.
  • remotely, if the WoodinCloud service is activated. In this case, in addition to what is foreseen for the stand-alone option, the consultation of the monitoring data takes place by accessing the WoodinCloud control panel, connecting from any device (smartphone, pc, tablet, etc.). The data update between the control unit and the control panel takes place every 8 hours and there is no limit to the amount of information stored.

Furthermore, the System periodically carries out sensor operation checks and self-calibration actions.

Authorized installers also have a specific tool for configuring sensors according to technical standards.

The components of the system

Thresholds and data sharing

MyMeter was designed to analyze the concentration of humidity on a continuous time scale, so as to define a trend and communicate any risk situations to the building tenant in time.

For this reason, the data collected and transmitted are synthetic values, the result of a calculation algorithm that weighs more on the persistence of a condition of humidity, rather than high values but of little significance in terms of time.

The scale of humidity values, which defines the various risk ranges, is as follows:

  • 10 – 18% bar ​-  green  optimal situation
  • 18 – 20% bar​ -  yellow  condition to be monitored
  • 20 – 32% bar ​-  red  critical condition

By accessing the data through the WoodinCloud service, the "traffic light" color of the sensors facilitates the reading of the data. Furthermore, by selecting a specific sensor, you can access the historical data and the trend in the medium to long term. In the event of an alarm, WoodinCloud will send a series of email notifications to the manager.

Inside the building, on the other hand, any risk condition determines the activation of the visual and audible (silenceable) alarm of MyAlarm, inside the home.

The WoodinCloud service can be activated separately from the MyMeter System and requires sufficient 4G / 5G data coverage.

Trend graph of xlam wood moisture measured with the MyMete monitoring system

Positioning of sensors

The MyMeter humidity monitoring system can be used on CLT, timber frame or solid wood walls, but also to monitor roofs and floors.

The sensors of the MyMeter system must be placed in the critical points of the building: as a rule, they are installed near:

  • ground attack,
  • openings and window sills,
  • last floor and flat roofs.

Experience has shown the usefulness of installation even in conjunction with shower trays and plumbing connections.

Normally, MyMeter is marketed as a "basic kit", consisting of a MyCPU 100 control unit, the MyAlarm visual and sound interface and six MySenseBus wired sensors. Thanks to their 12 humidity reading points (each MySense sensor is connected to a pair of reading points), in most cases the basic kit is sufficient to cover the needs of a residential building. MySenseRadio sensors are available on request, to be used when cable wiring is not possible.

Currently the MyCPU 100 control unit supports up to 100 sensors (400 reading points), which can be activated simply by adding the bus or radio sensors in the number required by the project.

By clicking on the individual components in the drawing below, you can view the product data-sheet.

Products position

Products position
MySenseBus MySenseBus MySenseBus MySenseBus MySenseRadio MySenseRadio MyAlarm MyControl CPU


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