Healthiness and quality of life

It is now known that staying in environments made unhealthy by the presence of biological pollutants such as mold, fungi and bacteria represents a significant cause of pathologies affecting various systems, first of all the respiratory one.

The main medical conditions include the onset of asthmatic forms, allergies and respiratory diseases.

Among the causes of the presence of these bacterial pollutants inside buildings there are various building diseases, including infiltrations, rising damp, the formation of surface condensation from thermal bridges etc. etc.

It is easy to observe these problems even in historic and less dated masonry buildings, built without suitable attention.

In wooden buildings, water infiltration, in addition to being a problem of durability, caused by the rotting of the structures, can also generate critical situations for the health of the inhabitants.


Prevention is better than cure 

MyMeter®, detecting any presence of moisture in the wooden structures when the problem arises, allows its prompt resolution. 

Otherwise, the effects of the presence of humidity would take months and even years before manifesting themselves in all their gravity, hidden by layers of internal and external coatings. 

During this period, the production of bacterial pollutants could translate into health problems for the occupants, which would add to the economic damage linked to the deterioration of the wooden structures.