MyMeter is the monitoring system that permanently checks the degree of humidity in wooden structures. Like a warning light, it alerts you in case of anomalies.

Would you ever buy a car without an oil warning light?

Diego Savio - WoodControl Founder

The wooden house makes "trend" and meets a growing need for naturalness and sustainability. To give credit to this type of construction, the countless buildings that have existed for hundreds of years even in particularly critical areas. Since then, wood technology has changed a lot and the design of new buildings has to consider much more critical than the structural aspects.

To date, wood construction technologies represent the state of the art of sustainable construction and the future of construction in general. This is also due to a series of intrinsic features in off-site construction.

Faster construction sites, more accurate design details, a high degree of prefabrication and the modularity of the interventions are economically advantageous aspects for the construction world.

Timber construction: sustainable, efficient and lasting

As with traditional construction, wooden structures are also subject to decay. Furthermore, their durability is often linked to any prolonged contact with water and humidity. Nothing that cannot be foreseen and prevented by adopting suitable and effective solutions over time.

In addition to good design and construction on site, the technology offers a new level of attention to the durability of structures. In this sense, italian Technical Construction Standards (ed. 2018) are also expressed, which include monitoring systems among the solutions that can be adopted to ensure the durability of wood.

Why a humidity monitoring system?

In full agreement with the NTC 2018, MyMeter allows permanent monitoring of the humidity of wooden structures. So as to prevent the risk of damage from contact with water and humidity that accidentally could affect the wood for prolonged times.

The system, covered by a patent, can be applied to any type of wooden structure (CLT, frame, solid wood) and building:

  • single, multi-family and multi-storey residential buildings,
  • public buildings, school and sports facilities,
  • industrial and civil roofing etc.

Upon the occurrence of risk situations with humidity values above the threshold, the MyMeter control unit, in addition to recording the data in the history, sends alert messages to the property owner, so that he can activate the appropriate checks.

Find out how and when to use the MyMeter System.


Manageable via smartphone

All information on the system status can be viewed via smartphone, tablet or PC, without the need to install the app.

Up to 400 reading points

Each sensor has a temperature probe and two adjustable humidity probes. The variable length of the cables allows them to be positioned in the critical points of the structure. Thanks to the new MyCPU 100 control unit, it is possible to control up to 100 sensors, which are equivalent to 400 reading points, so as to satisfy the needs of any building; single-family, multi-storey, commercial, public or industrial.

Scalable and expandable system

Thanks to the new MySenseRadio sensors, it is possible to add new monitoring points even after the first installation of the System. This without having to create new tracks and pull cables. MyCPU 100 control unit, capable of managing up to 100 sensors, allows you to simultaneously control wired or remotely connected sensors.

Shared data

Through the WoodinCloud service, the monitoring data can be consulted wherever you are, via the cloud. Furthermore, in full respect of privacy, they can also be made accessible to the manufacturer and designers, for diagnostic and statistical purposes. This sharing must be authorized by the client.

Alarms directly on smartphone

In case of criticality detected, the control unit transmits an alert message to the device, identifying the sensor affected by the alarm. Alarms can also be managed through third-party home automation systems.

Daily self-diagnosis

The system is able to check the functionality of each individual sensor through a daily self-diagnosis, which in case of failure alerts the control unit.

Wired or wireless connection

The system consists of a central unit MyCPU 100, for the collection and storage of data transmitted by wired sensors, MySenseBus, or by those via radio frequency, MySenseRadio. The two types of sensors can be used in combination, depending on whether or not the single sensor is wired.

Time series of data

Using the historical data, a graph indicates the tendency to increase or decrease humidity in each single point. 

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