MyMeter will amaze you

MyMeter is the patented system that detects and processes the humidity and temperature data collected through a network of sensors, inserted into the wood and distributed in the critical points of the building.



Manageable via smartphone

All information on the system status can be viewed via smartphone, tablet or PC, without the need to install the app.

Up to 32 measuring points

Each sensor has two adjustable humidity probes, of variable length (1mt, 2mt or 3mt) for positioning the probes in the critical points of the structure.

Daily self-diagnosis

The system is able to check the functionality of each individual sensor through a daily self-diagnosis, which in case of failure alerts the control unit.

Alarms directly on smartphone

In case of criticality detected, the control unit transmits an alert message to the device, identifying the sensor affected by the alarm.

Alarms can also be managed through third-party home automation systems.

Wired or wireless connection

The system consists of a central unit for data collection and storage equipped with WiFi access, web server, interconnected to the point sensors via proprietary bus, via radio frequency and via the network with a patented conveyed wave method.

Time series of data

Using the historical data, a graph indicates the tendency to increase or decrease humidity in each single point.