The problem: the durability of the wood 

Moisture infiltrations into the wood can cause significant damage with significant costs, which the MyMeter® system can report in advance, allowing the problem to be resolved before it becomes technically complicated to manage and anti-economic. 

The persistence of an excess of humidity can cause the growth of mold and fungi and rotting in the wood with irreparable structural damage, making your home unhealthy and insecure. 

The main causes of infiltration problems are due to: 

  • not careful planning
  • incorrect execution of construction details on site 
  • incorrect laying of sheaths and water protection systems 
  • defects in protection systems and sheaths 

Even in the case of buildings constructed correctly and where there are no defects in the materials, the infiltration of humidity could still occur due to the raising of the pitches or the wearing of the waterproofing, exactly like on a masonry building. 

With the installation of permanent sensors of the MyMeter® system it is possible to monitor and promptly report in case of problems.