MyMeter complies with NTC2018 standards

Attention to the durability of wooden buildings is a topic of growing interest, given the spread of construction systems such as xlam, frame, etc. in residential construction.

The importance of monitoring the humidity present in wooden structures is also demonstrated by the inclusion of a specific requirement within the new italian Technical Construction Standards issued in 2018.

In Chapter 2.2.4 the new NTCs involve the use of monitoring and control systems such as MyMeter.

The MyMeter System can be installed on both new buildings and existing ones.

Norme Tecniche delle costruzioni

The durability of wood

The goal of using MyMeter is to increase the durability of wooden buildings, made with any construction system: xlam, frame or solid wood..

In fact, the presence of moisture in the wood can cause rottenness of the structure and a limited durability of the building, with significant damage and high restoration costs. MyMeter is designed to report these anomalies in advance avoiding unpleasant consequences..

This allows you to solve the problem before it becomes technically complicated to manage and anti-economic..

In addition, the prolonged permanence of the wood in damp conditions can cause the growth of mold and fungi, making the building and the dwelling unhealthy and insecure.

The leading causes

The main causes of infiltration problems are due to:

  • not careful planning,
  • incorrect execution of construction details on site,
  • incorrect laying or defectiveness of sheaths and water protection systems,
  • leaks from pipes and drains.

Even in the case of properly constructed buildings where there is no material defect, moisture infiltration could still occur due to the rising of the aquifers or be due to wear of the waterproofing agents, just like a brick building.

With the installation of permanent sensors of the MyMeter system you can monitor the critical parameters and provide timely reporting in case of problems.

For further information, we recommend reading the posts of Engineer Franco Piva available on the Ergodomus website. 

Humidity during the building process

In fact, even the phases of construction could pose a potential risk to wood.

In fact, if not adequately protected, its prolonged exposure to weather and humidity, could be a problem. It is essential to leave it to dry properly before closing the counter areas. Also in this case, the installation of the MyMeter System can provide a valuable help in identifying the best time for the closure of the structure, as detailed in this insight.