Woodcontrol is the Start Up, holder of the Mymeter patent, created with the aim of developing systems to monitor the humidity of wood structures, in order to preserve their health and increase their durability.

We develop innovative technologies that increase the durability of wooden buildings.

Woodcontrol was born from the will of Diego and Paolo - founding members - to contribute to the greater durability of wooden structures, through the monitoring system MyMeter.

For several reasons, wood is proving to be an excellent construction material, much appreciated by the market. Unfortunately, due to incorrect practices or simple unforeseen, its reduced durability could throw discredit on a material, instead, excellent for construction.

We are experts in wood and electronics and MyMeter is the synthesis of our passions.

Our Philosophy

To explain what we do we compare ourselves to one of the many lights that color the dashboard of a car, which warns the driver in case of malfunction and potential danger.

This is exactly what we thought Mymeter should do, in a simple and intuitive way, to warn of a potential risk for any wooden component of a building: walls, roofing and floors.

And you, would you buy a car without oil light? May be NO! and if someone offered it to you, you would probably doubt his honesty.

In fact, even the best design and construction of an artifact, can not avoid the risk of unforeseen, even the best brands of cars in the world.


Contribute to the spread of a culture of environmental sustainability, through the development of a building market that is based on assumptions of efficiency of manufactured products..


Developing innovative technologies to increase the durability of wooden buildings.

Know-how and patents

MyMeter is the result of extensive know-how ranging from wood technology to electronics, developed in collaboration with leading experts in wood, building physics and leading Italian universities.

The skills thus acquired have allowed Mymeter to be patented:

  • by utility model (granted on 11.04.2019 No. 202016000066573)
  • by invention (requested on 03.03.2021 No. 102021000004919)

Collaborations with Institutions and Universities

The opportunities for collaboration with research institutions and universities represent an important added value for us and allow us to adapt our standards to international ones.

In particular, the collaboration with the University of Padua within the UniZEB project, where the MyMeter system will be installed for performance monitoring of a building-laboratory under construction.

Strategic partnership with the University of Ljubljana and with the Department of Architecture and Design of the Polytechnic of Turin.

The latter launched a research project entitled "Iot Solutions For Timber Construction - predictive maintenance for the safety and quality of timber construction". The aim of the research is to plan a proper maintenance of the building through the integration of technology or MyMeter system to extend the useful life of the house and enhance the investment that is the basis of every real estate operation.

The research project analyses the well-established and internationally developing protocols and practices with respect to integrated systems for the monitoring of humidity in engineered wood components, data acquisition, information flow management and augmented reality.

The collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin has already allowed and will again allow Mymeter to be also the subject of thesis of the students of the Department of Architecture and Design.

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About us

Diego Savio responsabile commerciale e socio Fondatore di Woodcontrol

Diego Savio

Sales Manager

I have been working in the world of wood construction for several years, both technically and commercially. In addition, I obtained the title of Blower Door Casaclima Technician, completing my training with courses Casaclima and Passivhaus.

Paolo Marchetto technical manager and founding partner of Woodcontrol

Paolo Marchetto

Technical Manager

I am an electronic technician and I have been working in the field for over thirty years. In particular, in woodControl, I follow the electronic engineering part of the products developed with the aim of providing simple and effective solutions