MyMeter protects the customer's investment, the role of the designer, the work of the builder. Even beyond the guarantee of the building.

MyMeter makes agree everyone!

Preventing any damage caused by humidity through the monitoring of specific parameters allows you to aim for greater durability of wooden buildings.

In addition, this market is constantly growing, thanks to the attention of customers to the issues of green building and environmental sustainability.

The goal of zero-carbon construction, albeit ambitious, is now the order of the day in all political and sector agendas. This suggests further growth in the timber construction sector.

Future scenarios and durability

The only problem to deal with seems to be the durability of the structures, but only in some specific operating conditions and unforeseen situations.

In fact, it is well known that the theme of the humidity of the structures represents an element of potential criticality even for traditional masonry. In the case of wood, however, this phenomenon must be given more attention, right from the design stage. Nothing worrying, let’s be clear, also because technology comes to the aid of the sector.

More benefits for everyone!

The MyMeter Moisture Monitoring System is an intelligent solution that offers countless benefits to the entire wood supply chain. With MyMeter, customers, designers and manufacturers will be better protected.

01/ Investment guarantee

The continuous monitoring of the health parameters of the structural parts of the wood secures the economic investment of the customer.

02/ Prevention is better than cure

In the absence of reliable and continuous monitoring, any , humidity problems in the structures may require very expensive and invasive remediation.

03/ It protects from unpleasant events

A defect in the A defect in the isolating barriers, an involuntary mistake in the laying or a natural loss of the performance characteristics caused by the ageing of the materials could compromise the waterproofing of the structure, causing potentially serious problems and inconveniences.

04/ Safe even beyond warranty

Knowing the state of the building, even beyond the warranty period offered by the builder, allows you to live your home in a more peaceful way, by planning ordinary maintenance, instead of expensive extraordinary repairs.

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