MyMeter makes agree everyone!

MyMeter® protects the customer's investment, the role of the designer, the work of the builder. Even beyond the guarantee of the building.


The wooden building market is constantly growing, strong in meeting the needs of naturalness and sustainability. 

In use in construction, the only limit to its durability is the prolonged contact with water and humidy.

As it is easy to imagine, the main problems are related to ground interfaces, windows and roofs.

Nothing that cannot be predicted and prevented by adopting suitable and effective solutions over time. 

The causes of these problems are, however, factors beyond the control of the customer who buys the house of his dreams and risks seeing his investment frustrated, often for the responsibility of others. 

MyMeter® is an intelligent solution that is certainly useful to customers, but also to designers and builders. 



The continuous monitoring of the health parameters of the structural parts of the wood secures the economic investment of the customer.


Prevention is better
than cure

In the absence of reliable and continuous monitoring, any , humidity problems in the structures may require very expensive and invasive remediation.


It protects from
unpleasant events

A defect in the A defect in the isolating barriers, an involuntary mistake in the laying or a natural loss of the performance characteristics caused by the ageing of the materials could compromise the waterproofing of the structure, causing potentially serious problems and inconveniences.


Safe even
beyond warranty terms

Knowing the state of the building, even beyond the warranty period offered by the builder, allows you to live your home in a more peaceful way, by planning ordinary maintenance, instead of expensive extraordinary repairs.