• Kind of components: CPU
  • Item code: E.100
  • Data reception: via low voltage cable / wireless
  • Total connectable devices: max 16 sensors
  • Connectable devices per line: max 8 sensors via cable
  • Bus exit lines: 3 lines (100 meters per line)
  • Alarm buzzer: can be deactivated
  • Data update: once per hour for bus connection / once every 2 hours for wireless connection
  • Data history: every 2 days
  • Power supply: 110-230 VAC
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 60 ° C
  • Connection and configuration: local WiFi
  • Data transmission: SIM card
  • Consumption in Watts: 1.7 - 8 W


MyControl CPU is the control unit that can manage both the sensors connected via the MySenseBus cable and the MySenseRadio Wireless sensors.

The control unit has integrated a local WiFi connection, which can be managed from any device (smartphone, tablet, PC…) via a simple IP address, without the need to install a special APP.

In the event of a risky condition, the control unit alerts the user via an audible alarm (which can be silenced) by signaling the sensor concerned. In addition, through a self-diagnosis program, if one of the sensors does not communicate with the control unit, an alarm is activated, indicating the sensor affected by the anomaly (failure or breakage).

From the WoodControl website it is possible to access the data remotely.


From the connected device you can:

  • enable and disable sensors
  • enable and disable the individual probes
  • assign the name to each individual sensor
  • silence the audible alarm
  • check the humidity of the wood in real time
  • check the historical data of humidity and temperature of each sensor

Package contents

  • Control unit housed in a 199.3x142.8 mm flush-mounted box for light walls, with integrated WiFi and alarm buzzer


The local WiFi installed in the CPU is “weakened”, to create as little disturbance as possible to other nearby networks. The range of action of the local WiFi is about 10 meters.

The CPU can manage both sensors connected in series via bus cable and wireless sensors in combination.

When the system detects a criticality of a sensor, an audible alarm is activated within a few minutes from the buzzer inserted in the control unit and a red triangle lights up on the MyAlarm cover. At the same time, an email is sent to the configured email address.

To block the audible alarm, simply connect via a locally connected device, and silence it using the appropriate icon. In this way, however, it will only block the sound signal, not the red warning triangle of the MyAlarm, nor the sending of the anomaly notification emails.

The audible alarm can be silenced, the visvo alarm will always remain active through MyAlarm and the notification emails.

The system provides for a remote connection via the reserved area on our website www.woodcontrol.eu

If the CPU does not receive at least one signal from one of the sensors installed within 15 hours, the system signals the anomaly as an alarm. The audible alarm, the MyAlarm visual alarm and the notification email are activated.