MyCPU 100 is the control unit that can simultaneously manage both the sensors connected via the MySenseBus cable and the MySenseRadio Wireless sensors. The control unit has integrated a local WiFi connection, which can be managed from any device (smartphone, tablet, PC…) via a simple IP address, without the need to install a special APP.

In the event of a risky condition, the control unit alerts the user via an audible alarm (which can be silenced) by signaling the affected sensor.

Furthermore, through a self-diagnosis program, if one of the sensors does not communicate with the control unit, an alarm is activated, indicating the sensor affected by the anomaly (failure or breakage).

Connection to the WoodinCloud service is guaranteed via a 4G / 5G SIM data USB modem key.

  • enable and disable the sensors
  • enable and disable the individual probes
  • assign the name to each individual sensor
  • silence the audible alarm
  • check the humidity of the wood in real time
  • check the historical data of humidity and temperature of each sensor
  • Kind of component: control unit
  • Item code: E.001
  • Data reception: bus cable
  • Total connectable sensors: max 100 sensors bus/wireless
    up to 24 MysenseBus (max 8 for single line)
    up to 100 MySense4
    up to 100 MySenseRadio
  • Buzzer: can be deactivated
  • Main supply: 90-254 VAC / 50-60 Hz
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 60° C
  • Connection and configuration: WiFi
  • Electricity consumption: 1,7 – 30 W



  • Data trasmission to cloud: USB 4G/5G stick with data SIM
  • Data history:
    internal memory - every 48 hours (max 99 readings)
    cloud: every 8 hours (no limit of readings)
  • E.101 Power Unit
  • E.102 WiFi ESP 32 DEV KIT ultralow power expressive
  • E.103 Case for light wall (GW 850°C) dimension 199,4x144,3x70 mm
  • E.104 White cover
  • E.999 MyGSM - GSM 4G/5G with SIM