MySenseRadio is the humidity sensor recommended for existing buildings, temporary renovations and monitoring, where it is not possible to bring the cable signal to the MyCPU 100 control unit.

The MySenseRadio sensor, combined with the new MyBridge receiver, also allows you to manage the system in large buildings, such as condominiums and multi-storey structures.

The MySenseRadio sensor sends the data to the MyBridge receiver connected to the MyCPU 100 control unit via bus cable.

It is battery powered (estimated duration 5 years *) and is housed in normal electrical boxes. The sensor is equipped with two adjustable humidity probes which allow to reach the sensitive points of the structure.

* battery life can be affected by factors such as temperature, humidity etc ...

  • Kind of component: wireless sensor
  • Item code: E.004
  • Data trasmission: wireless (433,92 MHz)
  • Transmission range: about 50 meters in open field
  • Moisture reading point: 2
  • Temperature reading point: 1
  • Every MyCPU 100 control unit allows:
    - up to 3 connectable MyBridge (wireless data receiver)
    - up to 100 MySenseRadio for each MyBridge
    - up to 100 MySenseRadio in total
  • Data updating: 1 time/hour
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 60° C
  • Moisture reading range: 10 – 32%
  • Temperature reading range: 0 - 60° C
  • Supply: 3.6Vdc batteries
  • Expected battery life: 5 years*

* battery life can be affected by factors such as temperature, humidity etc ...

  • E.401 Moisture sensor and temperature wireless
  • E.302 Case for drywall (GW 850°C) dimension 110x72,5x50 mm
  • E.733 n° 2 Moisture probes L=3 m Electrodes in stainless steel L=100 mm Gel Box**
  • E.799 Temperature probe L=1 m

**different measures on request of the electrodes and of the probe cable