• Kind of components: wireless sensor
  • Data transmission: radio waves - wireless
  • Item codes: E.4XX
  • Power supply: 3.6V battery
  • Estimated battery life: 5 years
  • Transmission distance: 50 meters open field
  • Data transmission: every 2 hours
  • Humidity measurement: 10 - 32%
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 60 ° C
  • Connectable sensors: up to 16 (32 moisture probes)


MySenseRadio is the humidity sensor recommended for existing homes, renovations and temporary monitoring, where it is not possible to bring the cable signal to the MyControl CPU control unit. The data is sent between the sensor and the control unit via wireless communication. Battery powered (estimated life 5 years) and housed in normal electrical boxes.

The sensor is equipped with two adjustable moisture probes which allow to reach the sensitive points of the structure such as:

  • ground interface,
  • windows,
  • terraces and flat roofs,
  • bathrooms and shower trays

Package contents

  • n ° 1 Wireless sensor with case box for light wall
  • n ° 1 Temperature probe with 1 m cable length
  • n ° 2 Gel Box
  • n ° 4 non-insulated stainless steel electrodes 100 cm long *
  • n ° 2 Moisture probes length. 1.2 or 3 meter cable *

* other measurements of electrodes and probe cables on request

Item codes

  • E.411 MySenseRadio 1/1 probe lenght 1 mt
  • E.412 MySenseRadio 1/2 probe lenght 1 e 2 mt
  • E.413 MySenseRadio 1/3 probe lenght1 e 3 mt
  • E.422 MySenseRadio 2/2 probe lenght 2 mt
  • E.423 MySenseRadio 2/3 probe lenght 2 e 3 mt
  • E.433 MySenseRadio 3/3 probe lenght 3 mt


MySenseRadio is the moisture sensor recommended for existing homes, temporary renovations and monitoring, where it is not possible to bring the cable signal to the MyControl CPU WiFi control unit.

The sensor works in the same way as the MySenseBus, however it has range limits like all Wireless devices, depending on the barriers interposed between the sensor and the control unit.

The sensors are wirelessly connected to the control unit. The distance of the data transmission in the open field is about 50 meters to descend as a range depending on the barriers placed in the signal.

The humidity and temperature data are sent once every 2 hours to the control unit via radio wave transmission.