MyAlarm is a LED light display which connected to the control unit, allows you to quickly check the operating status of the system.

The green illuminated circle indicates the correct functioning of the system and that all the values are within the normal use threshold, while the red illuminated triangle indicates a possible alarm (exceeding the critical humidity threshold, malfunction of one of the sensors, etc.).

  • Kinf of component: LED visual alarm
  • Item code: E.002
  • Supply: 24Vdc (connected to MyCPU 100)
  • Temperature operating range: 0-60°C
  • Ligh signal:
    green circle lit optimal operating state
    red triangle on alarm status
  • E.201 Led Board
  • E.202 Case for drywall (GW 850°C) diam. 68 mm
  • E.203 Cover QR Code
  • E.204 MyAlarm wired connection cable L=1m