How it works

MyMeter®system is composed of a MyControl CPU WiFi unit and several sensors that can be connected to a pair of electrodes or a multi electrodes for particular cases.

Very low energy consumption sensors are available on a specific data bus, battery-powered radio transmission sensors or a 230VAC mains voltage, and transmission and wave sensors conveyed on a 230VAC electrical network from which they also draw regulated.

The control unit is able to automatically detect the sensors that stop communicating for any reason, giving an audible or visual alarm. The alarm is also given if an excessive humidity level is detected.

A special tool is provided to the installers necessary for configuring the sensors according to the technical standards.

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NTC 2018 standards

The importance of monitoring the humidity present in wooden structures is also demonstrated by the inclusion of a specific requirement within the new NTC 2018.

In Chapter 2.2.4 of the new Technical Standards for Construction expressly provide for the use of monitoring and control systems such as MyMeter®.

MyMeter® can be installed on both new and existing buildings. 

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