• Use of property: 0-6 years school

  • Use of MyMeter: Prevention

  • Technology: CLT

  • Year: 2019-2020
  • Location: Sogliano al Rubicone (FC) - Italy
  • Energy Certification: CasaClima School

  • Preliminary design: Studio Associato Preger
  • Detailed design: arch. Riccardo Ramberti


The goal was to create an efficient and comfortable building in Gold Class (< 10 Kw/mqa) and has resulted in the certification CasaClima School, which in addition to energy aspects, also evaluates environmental (lighting, acoustics) and eco-sustainability (low emissions of the materials used and furnishings), as well as subjecting the completed building to acoustic testing and blowerdoor testing.

The consultancy for the integration of the requirements of the casaclima School protocol was entrusted to Arch. Christian Tramonti. By now in Italy, most of the new school buildings are made of wood and 8 new school buildings out of 10 are made of wood.

The structure in CLT is made with a thickness of 12 cm to which is added an external coat in wood fiber of 20 cm, finished and shaved like a traditional plaster.

Internally instead will be installed a false wall in fiber-gypsum with a variable length of 75 or 50 mm that will be isolated and will host a part of the internal systems.
The internal plasterboard sheet (double or single depending on the need) will be perforated or replaced by a special acoustic panel to allow greater absorption of frequencies (caused by noise produced by children) and serves to ensure acoustical quality and easy speech intelligibility.

This solutions guarantees a U value of 0.13 WmqK. and psycho-physical.

scuola sogliano al rubicone 1

Monitoring the health of wood

To check the condition of the casing, wireless sensors will be installed on the wood in the nerve points of the structure. These sensors will be able to communicate the status of the structure (temperature and humidity) every 5 minutes and report any problems well in advance.

Photos and texts taken from the project page on Arketipo.