• Business Role: CEO, Entrepreneur
  • Industry: Wood-building builder
  • Location: Fano (PU) - Italy


Settled in 2001, the main headquarters of Progettolegno is located in Fano (PU) and since 2016 a branch has also been operating in Riccione (RN).

Progetto Legno deals with the construction of custom-made wooden houses, commercial buildings, extensions and wooden fronts.

All the buildings made in Progettolegno are characterized by very high energy savings and very high indoor air quality.

MyMeter guarantees my company and our customers to have a building always efficient and under control

Our company chooses to use MyMeter to have absolute control of the quality of the wood over time, through continuous monitoring of moisture and to prevent what may be future inconveniences.

The wooden houses Progettolegno have an extremely high-performance building envelope and latest generation plant to achieve excellent energy performance with certifications up to Passivhaus, International protocol that guarantees energy self-sufficiency and unparalleled comfort. The internal temperature remains constant, regardless of external climatic conditions and the minimum energy requirement is provided by renewable sources, therefore clean and free of charge.

The wooden houses Progettolegno have the Biosafe Certification that imposes strict design and construction parameters and choice of materials not emissive or low emissivity (to avoid the presence of harmful substances)as well as behavioural norms of the workers in the construction phase. You will breathe clean air like in the pristine woods.

The wooden houses Progettolegno offer unparalleled absolute comfort, optimal temperature and humidity, always clean air.
Climate change is an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet. That is why we are working with our reality to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are the ancestors of the future. Generations to come will remember us for what they will find: a green, welcoming, livable planet, or a wasteland.