This development of the system represents a further and fundamental level of protection for both the owners of the building and the builders. To test the system, we are replacing the control units in some existing buildings, installing the new modified MyControl CPUs

In collaboration with some of our partners, we have launched the beta test of the remotely connected MyMeter system, which will ensure the monitoring of buildings even remotely by connecting to the reserved area of the website

The novelty will also allow builders to remotely monitor the buildings they have built and for which they are legally responsible for 10 years. On the other hand, the system reassures the client that the data collected in real time are analyzed by a competent eye interested in intervening as soon as possible in the event of anomalies.

In recent days, in collaboration with the company Zoppelletto srl, the new MyControl CPU control unit was installed, replacing it within a building already monitored with MyMeter.

Amedeo Zoppelletto, owner of Zoppelletto srl, thus welcomed the news:

In this historical moment, in which there is so much talk of smart homes and the internet of things, it is necessary to adapt our offer with the potential granted by these technologies: the continuous updating of the systems allows us to make our buildings increasingly performing, functional and with a high user-experience. For us builders of wooden buildings, being able to propose a system that protects the DDLL and our clients in terms of the durability of the buildings is strategic: a big step forward to protect the investment / heritage of the family that builds their dream, entrusting to we the project and the execution of the works.


In the coming weeks, the replacement of the old control units with the new generation ones will be completed, to kick off the official test phase, which will last three months.

The release of the new release of the control unit is expected for the beginning of 2021.