With the beginning of July, the collaboration agreement was announced that will see together WoodControl and the Department of Architecture and Design of the Polytechnic of Turin in an exciting research project.

Collaborating with the academic world is always a source of pride, especially for a company like ours, a young start-up that makes the continuous search for innovative solutions its raison d'être.

These are the words of the founding members of WoodControl, Diego Savio and Paolo Marchetto, at the signing of the agreement.

With this spirit our start-up has started with the Polytechnic of Turin a research project entitled "iot Solutions For Timber Construction - predictive maintenance for the safety and quality of wooden constructions".

The aim of the research activity is to plan a proper maintenance of the building through the integration of MyMeter technology or system to extend the useful life of the house and enhance the investment that is the basis of each real estate operation.

The research project developed with the Polytechnic University of Turin DAD analyzes the protocols and practices established and being developed internationally with reference to integrated systems for moisture monitoring in wood engineered components, data acquisition, information flow management and augmented reality.

There are many fronts on which a young company is confronted and the fact of being able to develop or generate innovation together with the Department of Architecture and Design of the Polytechnic University will give us incentives to work even harder.