• Date: March, 10 2022

  • Luogo: Scuola edile di Padova (PD - Italy)

  • Kind event: Training Fair

Training fair

The fair of on-site training, organized by UniZEB, was held at the Scuola Edile in Padua to allow an exchange of knowledge and skills between companies and students.

During the day, the students of the engineering course were able to take tours inside the yard to think about the design of the house ZEB, prototype and case study wanted by the Faculty.

Thanks also to a maxi-screen with videos and photos that tell the evolution of the construction site it was possible to relive the first stages of the construction site. The tour was managed by Prof. Umberto Torrini.

With the aim of bringing the sponsors of the project together with the students, an exhibition and educational park was also set up with stands and gazebos, in which the companies exhibited and presented their most innovative products.

WoodControl, which as a partner of the project provided the MyMeter system for moisture monitoring of the xlam wood structure, was present with Diego Savio, founder and technical-commercial manager of the company.

It was a day that allowed future professionals in the sector to engage with companies operating in the perspective of sustainability and wood construction.