• Business Role: CEO and technical director
  • Industry: Timber construction
  • Location: Fano (PU) - Italy

loghi-02 - Roberto Del Bianco

Centrolegno has been working for over 20 years on wooden construction systems, guaranteeing its customers excellent solutions.

The company was born thanks to the experience of Centroisolante, leader in the brands in terms of green building and that operates since 1978 in this sector. With this background behind us we have grown over the years to become a reference point for the construction of houses, multi-storey buildings and large structures, both private and public.

Quality of materials, experience and technical knowledge bring together a close-knit and dynamic group of young but highly specialized professionals. A team ready to support the customer at every stage of the work: from consultancy to design up to the realization, putting in field passion and competence to realize the project tailored for you. Our organization allows us to work in Italy and abroad adapting to every type of territory, from the countryside to the metropolitan city center, from the sea to the mountains.

MyMeter represents the state-of-the-art integration between electronic technology and wood construction. The knowledge that comes from monitoring wood moisture is the key to building durability.

At Centrolegno we believe that a good wooden building project cannot be separated from the monitoring of critical factors of durability, through a reliable electrronic system. 

In this way, we are able to offer greater durability and quality to the buildings, respecting and protecting the client’s investment.

Events made with Centrolegno

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