• Business Role: Structural engineer
  • Industry: Timber construction
  • Company: Ergodomus srl

  • Location: Pergine Valsugana (TN) - Italy


We are passionate timber engineer, able to give it new life in every building or structure that builders, architects, designers, engineers, public administrations, carpenters or artists can create.

Effective, reliable and compliant with NTC 2018 standards

How long does a wooden house last? Everyone knows that wood, if kept dry, does not present any particular problems of durability.

To obtain this result, a detailed planning, a correct installation and a continuous monitoring of the healthiness of the structures is important, as suggested by the NTC2018 standards. 

The MyMeter System is a valid monitoring tool to protect the customer and the work of the designer, in that it identifies - in time - possible defects even decades after the construction of the building