• Business role: Architect
  • Industry: Timber construction
  • Location: Villorba (TV) - Italy

consulente_esperto_casaclima - Andrea Z

Architecture studio specializing in the construction of wooden buildings and traditional structures with low energy consumption.

The holistic approach and careful observation of the principles of bioclimatic and CasaClima protocols combined with the use of natural materials create an organic architecture in harmony with the environment where greenery is used as a natural activator of psycho-physical well-being.

MyMeter is a must for monitoring umidity in existing buildings and for the durabilty of new ones.

In absence of clear and effective rules on the model of the German DIN, the approaches to wooden constructions in Italy took place in a superficial way and in total forgetfulness of previous experiences.

In this, MyMeter is an effective and reliable tool capable of reporting any manufacturing defects or degradation due to the wear of the materials over time.