• Business Role: CEO, Entrepreneur
  • Industry: Wood-building builder
  • Company: Zoppelletto srl

  • Location: Gruaro (VE) - Italy

zoppelletto 500

Zoppelletto is a company with over 50 years of experience in the construction sector that makes use of a highly qualified and competent staff.

The use of machinery always at the cutting edge and the professionalism of the installation teams, it works is the excellence of the result. Each Zoppelletto wooden house is unique because it offers "made to measure" for the customer. This choice is based on the belief that the home is like a second skin.

Tecnology that guarantees the durability of wooden buildings

Thanks to the innovative solution, via your smartphone, check the greeting status of your wooden house.

In case of accumulation of moisture or infiltrations in the system, it will automatically notify you, allowing you early and inexpensive corrective actions and guaranteeing you will preserve your investment!