naturalia bau, leading company in natural solutions and prdoduct for wooden building, used MyMeter sensor to test the permeability of Aerona Viconn, an innovative sprayable air barrier.

The test was offered on 4 specimens (10x10 cm), through the insertion of electrodes for the percentage measurement of humidity.

1.1 Aerosana Visconn (1st specimen)

1.2 Bituminous membrane

2.1 Wood

2.2 Aerosana Visconn (specimen 2)

The specimens were initially loaded at 40% humidity and monitored.

After three weeks it was possible to notice that the percentage of humidity in the specimen not treated  reduced to 12%.

The one sprayed with Aerosana Visconn used to dry (18% and 20%), while the one with the bituminous sheath showed no reduction process.

At the end of 2 months of analysis, both specimens with Aerosana reached a percentage of humidity between 12% and 14%, while the one with the sheath still remained unchanged.

The value of the specimen with bituminous sheath was the the original one.